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Summer Inspiration

Sydney has some incredible flowers. I suspect that this might be half the reason why I find myself always rushing in doors right at the last minute. I've usually stopped somewhere on my journey to take a photo of a beautiful colour or petal shape of some of our natives, some times take a cheeky sample to bring home and study.

These natives aren't shy delicate numbers - they're bold and sturdy. The reds are vibrant, fire bright reds and the yellows don't fade in light but grow stronger. They bloom high amongst the greens and browns of our Australian landscape and seek out our attention. Our eucalyptus leaves are a glory unto themselves - so many variations of green, from the fluro greens and yellows to the darkest olives, it's honestly ridiculous sometimes when I'm trying to colour match....

I'm working on these flowers to prepare for my spring summer collection for the end of the year. I have been playing with these shapes and trying to find a way to recreate them using the french flower tools and silk flower making and so far it has proven very difficult. They don't always have petals and are just a cluster of stamens like in the bottle brush and even the wattle. Those that have petals have so very many of them and these are usually tucked in around the stamens... so many stamens! I will continue onwards with these ideas and experiments though, if I'm drawn to these flowers I must persist!

I want to celebrate and explore the Australian bush aesthetic

xx Ren

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